Giving Back to Pancan

Giving Back to Pancan

Sharing your blessings is personally essential for me. It has been ingrained in me not only from school but also from my household. My lola (grandma) has been my role model. She gives unconditionally and lovingly that she has inspired me to do the same.

In the course of my nursing career abroad, I had pledged to offer my nursing service by volunteering in various surgical and medical missions. This endeavor has been fulfilling and inspiring. 


When I started this business, I was in searched for my “WHY”. It was my mom. Living my American Dream in the midst of pandemic, it was hard for me to travel and be with her when she got diagnosed until her last moments. It was devastating. The experience made me realized and taught me a lot of things. 

Now it is just fitting to give back. I chose Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan) as my beneficiary in honor of my mom who succumbed to this disease. When you buy from CRISILYNE, you don’t only support my dreams. Altogether, we support PanCan’s vision and mission. Every month, a portion of my sales will be donated to this organization. 

Thank you to all for your love and support for my small business and my cause. This wouldn’t be possible without you. However, if you wish to share more, you may do so by clicking this link. I have just created a fundraiser in honor of my mom. Once again, It is deeply appreciated Jewels! 💕 

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