Crystal Care

Crystal Care

Just like any other jewelries, your crystal jewelries or gemstone jewelries also need tender loving care. Here are some ways to take care of them.

1. Although sunlight is a great way to charge your crystal jewelries, some gemstone jewelries such as amethyst jewelries, may cause discoloration when placed under direct sunlight for long. 

2. Water is an awesome method to cleanse crystals jewelries, but some crystals when get exposed with water may dissolve or may cause rusting.

3. Cleansing and charging your gemstone jewelries regularly will help maintain your crystal’s properties and keeps them functioning optimally.

4. After cleansing and charging your crystal jewelries, its time to program them. Manifest your goals and aspirations with your gemstone jewelries through meditation.

Crystals may be fragile. It’s best to know its MOH scale of mineral hardness. The softer your gemstones are, the easier it breaks. Knowing your crystal’s properties help you take care of them well.

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